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Abu Bakr’s Nearest and dearest Instead of Fatima’s (sa) Progeny

Abu Bakr’s Nearest and dearest Instead of Fatima’s (sa) Progeny

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) upcoming turned into into ‘Ali (as), and you will told you: „I will not speak to him or her until We ask them about something that it heard out-of Allah’s Messenger (as). When they tell the truth about it, however usually intend to consult with her or him, or, perhaps not.”

They (Abu Bakr and Umar) said: „From the Allah, she’s the authority to exercise. In addition to, we only cam whatever is great, and you can testify to that which is correct.”

Umar threatened burning the house off up on Fatima az-Zahra (sa), and you can introduced ‘Ali (as) below companion so you’re able to Abu Bakr in which he had been therefore humiliated and you will insulted that he cried bitterly at tomb of your Prophet (S) worrying contrary to the therapy he’d gotten

She (Fatima az-Zahra (sa)) said: „We want to know from the Allah, would you think about in the event that Messenger from Allah named your out in the center of the evening away from a matter and this emerged up with ‘Ali (as)?”

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) after that said: „We ask you from the Allah (SwT), did you listen to him (Prophet Muhammad (S) say: 'Fatima is part of me personally i am also off the girl; the guy just who offends myself offends Allah (SwT) The guy who offends this lady after my demise is the same as the guy whom offends her in my existence; and you may, the guy which offends the woman within my life is like he just who offends this lady immediately following my personal death’?’

She (sa) said: „Supplement feel to help you Allah. O Allah (SwT), I keep you witness, so that you who happen to be introduce attest to this; positively they have offended me while i am traditions and you will just after my personal demise. By Allah (SwT), I shall not chat a phrase for you up to I meet my Lord, and you may complain to Him about yourself which that you have inflicted myself which have.”

When Abu Bakr read it, the guy wailed and bust into the noisy laments, and you may said: „If only one my personal mom hadn’t bore me personally”.

Umar told you: „It’s uncommon how anybody designated you just like the guardian of their issues if you are maybe not but a foolish old man!! You become nervous on an excellent woman’s rage, and also you celebrate in the this lady satisfaction. What’s incorrect that have the guy who angers a woman?”

„There’s its not necessary to have Abu Bakr so you can wail and you can apologize as he had the capacity so you’re able to amend their problems, nor, are around a real reason for your to burst for the noisy laments as he had the possibility to come back the woman house to her. But, certainly the newest Caliph desired to go Female Fatima’s (sa) fulfillment meanwhile he had been remaining this lady property and you can legal rights usurped.”

The early injustices accomplished by Abu Bakr up against Female Fatima az-Zahra (sa), paved ways to possess his young ones to-do an identical against the Prophet’s progeny

Sayyid Safdar Husayn, inside the beneficial publication Early Reputation for Islam p.242, described brand new wrongdoings the time from the Bakrs (the latest descendants away from Abu Bakr) against Fatima az-Zahra (sa) and her descendants in lot of affairs. He composed:

„Background signifies that Abu Bakr himself with his whole family relations (with the exception of Asma along with her son Muhammad) was intense into Prophet’s (as) friends, inside the total forget about what the newest Qur’an ordained, otherwise, what the Prophet want Hookup dating site got told you concerning the respect and you will like getting their family relations. Listed here is the list of the individuals whose aggression try distinctively marked:

step one. Abu Bakr, on the their accession with the Caliphate, sent Umar so you can Fatima’s (sa) household to help you compel ‘Ali (as), from the force, to come inside the and create fealty to him. Then, Fatima az-Zahra (sa) was such grieved because of the Abu Bakr you to definitely provided she lasted the lady father, she never ever spoke a word so you can Abu Bakr as well as on their deathbed she forbade their signing up for this lady funeral service.

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